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the different entertainment departments

team leader
You have several years of experience in entertainment, you know the procedures in a hotel and you have good leading qualities. All entertainment ranges are familiar to you and you can deal with every extraordinary situation concerning your team, the hotel & guests.
sports entertainer
You lead the different sports and games activities in the hotel, and you are also able to explain and realise them in different languages.
You already have some experience or even an aerobic diploma. Your competence is to lead the daily aerobic program, eventually also aqua-gym, in a way that all guests can profit, that means in an easy level.
teenager entertainer
Your sphere of responsibility is leading the activities with the teenagers. You are also able to explain and realise all sports & game activities in different languages
Mini-Club / Crazy Kids Club / children entertainer
You are responsible for the "little" guests, maybe you already have experience with children or even a concerning education. You play games with them, do handycrafts, children shows, and depending on the hotel's situation you do some excursions and many, many games! Mini Club is fun, but never forget the big responsibility you have!
D.J. / technique
You're responsible for the music, atmosphere and success of the hotel's disco and the shows. Putting something in scene with light and music is a piece of cake for you and very fascinating. You have a good feeling about the kind of music your guests want tlisten to, and you can easily adjust to that. You're open-minded and play every kind of music your guests want.
stage designer
With love and talent you decore the stage for the evening show. Dealing with stapler, textiles and all you need for decoration is familiar to you. You're handicraftly talented, have a good feeling for aesthetic and you're only satisfied when everything looks perfect on your stage!