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profile of an entertainer

Do you think it is a "Dolce far niente", or maybe as "holidays at the beach" ?"

Nothing of all that will be the case for you, except for on your day off !

You will be busy the whole day, to satisfy your guests; you will have to answer a lot of different questions with a great smile, play many different roles, perform, dance, present, lead activities and deal with exceptional situations...not enough...cause you will barely have privacy, but all this, with a great satisfaction... cause at the end of a day, when the guests had fun and go to bed satisfied, you will be proud to say....that'all my merit!
Still enthusiastic ?

Please read the following questions, if you can answer a lot of them positively and are sincerely interested, apply for a job


Are you fascinated by foreign cultures and countries?
Do you speak different languages?
Do you like having contact with all kind of people, also less agreeable ones, and in this case - can you deal with them?
Do you like children and can you deal with them?
Are you used to responsible work, and can you respect some rules?
Do you have special talents/knowledge/educations, as f.e. aerobics, kindergarten teacher, acting, moderation, D.J...
Can you go abroad for several months?