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Crazy Kids Disco CD

The new Mini Disco CD with sparkling new music!

The Crazy Kids Club (Miniclub) concept does also include a brandnew Crazy Kids Disco CD.

The CD has 20 new songs on it. The unique part about this CD is, It can be adjusted to the nationalities of your guests. For example, if you have 50% of Spanish guests and 50% of German guests, then 50% of the Crazy Kids songs will be in Spanish and 50% of the songs in German.

We can offer each song of the Crazy Kids Disco CD in 5 diffferent languages: German / Spanish / English / Italian / French!

Just let us know you preference!

To top it all of the Crazy Kids Disco CD will carry the logo of YOUR hotel, so the children will always remember that wonderful holiday

1. Sonderzug
2. Crazy Kids Disco Bär
3. On a farm
4. Ahugahagahuga
5. Quacki das kleine Entchen
6. Superstar
7. Wir Piraten
8. Ayayay
9. Es ist Urlaub
10. Aereo
11. 1 - 2 - 3
12. Ländertanz
13. Siamo Bambini
14. Erdball
15. Ich bin Peter
16. Bonjour
17. Paquito el mosquito
18. El Tren Especial
19. Quaki (Italien Version)
20. Auf dem Bauernhof
21. Crazy Kids Disco Bear

We would be happy to inform you personally about the Crazy Kids Disco CD.

Crazy Kids Disco